Portraits of orality

I was very lucky to be invited by We Speak Citizen, to participate in capturing portraits of orality (visages de l’oralité). It was an opportunity to discover more about my own culture, learn from the extraordinary photographer ken wong youk hong, and meet many great people from musicians, poets, dancers and Ait Atta nomads. For this, I would like to thank Loubna Mouna, Mustapha Merouan, and Laurence Haxaire, also the great lovely artists who allowed us to take their portraits.

Portraits of orality - Mohammed shepherd

Zahra - Groupe Tazwit
Portrait Halima Groupe Tazwit
Portrait Mohammed shepherd
Portrait Icho shepherd
Ali - Tagnza Maker


The photographs of Abdellah Azizi and KEN WONG are being exhibited until 2024 in Maison de l’oralité in Ksar Ait Ben Haddou. You can also get a Photo book there.

Rkia Groupe Tammast Ahwach
Tidar Groupe Tammast Ahwach
Loho, Ahdous Ait Ouzzine
Mimoune, Ahdous Ait Ouzzine
Rays Elhoucceine, Ahdous Ait Ouzzine
Aicha, Ait Ouaouzguit
Sanaa, Ait Ouaouzguit
Fatima, Ait Ouaouzguit
Rayssa Ijja - Tamdakht
Rays Omar, Ait Ouaouzguit
Rays Elhoussaine, Ait Ouaouzguit
Rays Lahcen, Ait Ouaouzguit
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