Corporate & Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography

In the late two decades, Morocco is seeing an increasing speed in Industrial development. Construction, mining, manufacturing, energy and transportation, and many other industries are opening across the country.
As an Industrial photographer, Abdellah takes images of factories, machinery, equipment, and staff. He often works with the marketing department to come up with images that will reflect the unique spirit of the company.
Abdellah is aiming not only to capture the manufacturing process but also to highlight the people behind the hard work.

Corporate photographer

This type of photography is often used in marketing and advertising material, as well as in company pamphlets and newsletters.
The majority of the time, corporate photography is done on-site. It often requires the use of special lighting equipment and props, as well as the knowledge of how to use them effectively.
Corporate photographer must be able to take photos that are both aesthetically pleasing and informative.
Corporate photography serves many parties besides just shareholders and employees. Seeing pictures of the employees and the workplace gives customers and clients a sense of the corporate culture. This can help to build a positive image of the company, which can ultimately lead to more business.

Commercial photography

Commercial photography is capturing images for a client that will get them more customers.  Images are a key element in designing websites, brochures, packaging, and social media.

As a commercial photographer, our goal is to produce photographs that serve the client’s brand. It’s our job to help our client send a clear message using photos that represent the soul of client’s company.

We can hold product photography sessions either in our studio or in site.

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