With a population of over 3 million, Casablanca is the country’s largest city as well as its chief industrial and commercial hub. The city’s economy is primarily based on finance and manufacturing. Its leading industries include automotive, phosphate processing, food processing, and textiles. Casablanca is also a major financial centre with a large stock exchange and several banks headquartered in the city.

Children playing in Casablanca beach

Anfa, history & culture.

The history of Casablanca began in the 8th century BC when the area was inhabited by the Amazigh people. The city was called Anfa, and it served as a port for the Phoenicians. The city later became a part of the Roman Empire. Today Casa is the economic and business hub of Morocco.
Casablanca is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, museums, and landmarks such as the Hassan II Mosque.

Casablanca Jewish commuinty

Like most Moroccan cities, Casablanca used to have a big Jewish community. Abdellah was assigned to photograph some Jewish members still living in the city.

Jewish Community casablanca
Jewish Synagogue Casablanca
Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto
Jewish Synagogue Casablanca


Watch the video of Guinness Record Nonuplets born in Casablanca.

Nonuplets born in Casablanca, Morocco

A Love defies borders

Assignment for CNN revelng the story of Carly and Soufiane.

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